Jødne Feriehus

Jødne Feriehus


NyttOpprettet av Elin Feste on., oktober 07, 2009 11:55

The truth is that we had planned this trip as a honeymoon...we have always wanted to travel to Norway.

At the beginning we tried to find accommodation in Haugesund, but we realized everything was booking or hotels too expensive. Then we started checking the surrounding countryside and, as I said, by chance we found your website with pictures of your beautiful house. On the spot we knew that was the place we wanted to go to. The perfect place for us.

This is from a correspondance with a couple from Spain, that arrived at our place on a stormy autumnday. It reminds me of a phrase from a song: I love my Western Norway, the partyplace of all weathers...I have to add that our guests got to see both the full moon and sunny days.

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